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Check Out How Your Website Looks on Different Devices!

In this day and age RESPONSIVE design is all the rage in the website design world. AND IT HAS TO BE. Most websites are actually seen for the first time on cell phones and tablets, and this may not be conducive to a website that was originally designed to be viewed on...

Embedding Audio Players On Your Website

Trying to figure out how to embed an audio player of your song, voiceover reel, audiobook demo, etc. on your website? Want it to look good, play flawlessly, and not take up space on your server? Try this: Soundcloud.com is to the audio world what YouTube and Vimeo are...

Brand New Look & Design for Re4mado Photography!

Re4mado Photography is a local Chicago business of over 9 years that is run by owner and artist Rossana Reformado. She is a well known, loved, and successful artist in the community who uses her skill at photography to capture iconic imagery and turn it into...

Blog From Your Desktop?

Want to blog from your desktop? Here’s how! These days, publishing your blog entries is easier than ever. It doesn’t matter if you have a Windows PC or a Mac, the applications listed below will have you blogging in no time. All you need is to install the application of your choice and start blogging. In fact, you can even blog directly from your iPhone, iPad, Android device, Windows Mobile device, or Blackberry. As long as you have an Internet connection, you’re good to go!

Hosted WordPress Site vs. a Subdomain on WordPress.com?

WordPress is a great website platform because of its power and flexibility. But when you’re planning your website, there’s the choice of a hosted WordPress site (what we do) and getting a sub-domain on WordPress.com (example: mickeymouse.wordpress.com). There are choices to make, so let us help you with the decision.

Traditional Web Design or WordPress?

When you’re thinking of getting a website done, one of the questions you have to ask yourself is, “how much of a learning curve do I want?” While HTML/CSS websites can be elegant and dynamic, they require a base of knowledge in web development. If you go that route, you have two choices: 1) Learn HTML and CSS and invest in a good HTML editor, or 2) Pay someone to design and maintain your site (and by the way, we can do that too).

Your Headshot is Great, But it’s Not Enough!

Below is a great article on Backstage by Gwyn Gilliss that talks about the ever-changing marketing needs of an actor’s career. It’s a good reminder of the fact that your career is a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy! http://bit.ly/KnhNhs Best, The...

The Techie/Artist Intersection

We were recently part of a digital marketing seminar at Actors’ Equity Association, and it became clear to us that there is, for some artists, a wide gulf between what they know about technology, and what they SHOULD know about technology. In this digital...

Help! My Website Designer is MIA!

An artist came to us with a problem – she had a beautiful website, however she could not get her designer to update it. She had no access. Her phone number was listed wrong on her website for 9 months! That was nine months of potential clients and galleries not...

Why Us?

Why choose us and not the “other” guy? Well, here are just a few starter reasons….

Reason 1: Professional Design Consultation

EVERY website we design starts with a design consultation. A hairdresser would not dare start snipping without doing a design consultation first…we feel the same. Your website should be your window to the world. Professional and flexibly designed websites, to our way of thinking, should be elegant and unobtrusive, putting the focus where you want it most…on your work. Best of all, once it is up and running you can customize or swap out your design choices whenever you like, with the click of a mouse.

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