It never ceases to astonish me that whenever I run into a WordPress problem or curiosity, someone out there has had the same thought and brilliantly masterminded a solution! I just ran into one such conundrum and wanted to share the answer with you all.

I am designing an Ecommerce website, and of course in this day and age it needs to be fully responsive.  The theme itself is working like a dream and seems to be adapting remarkably well through all the testing. The only thing that was not responsive was the embedded YouTube video. However I found this little quick fix on a fellow WordPress designers’ blog and it worked like a dream! Give it a try yourself:

First you will need to add the following to your style sheet:

.video-container {
.video-container iframe,
.video-container object,
.video-container embed {


Next, edit add some HTML around your embed code:

<div class="video-container">
<iframe src=""    frameborder="0"    width="560" height="315">

Check out this video on your phone, tablet, and computer to see it in action!


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