The latest launch from RenegadeWebsites is!

OChem Genius is a website designed to allow undergraduate college students to purchase subscriptions to online organic chemistry study aids – an affordable, helpful solution to costly tutoring sessions!

The content that the website covers is admittedly a bit dry for the average man, (or woman – organic chemistry actually makes my brain bleed just the teeny tiniest bit) . However I saw that as no excuse not to a have a fun, esthetically pleasing website that would engage a college age crowd who would be the target audience. Utilizing the idea that the main splash image provided as a springboard, Organic Chemistry guru and founder of the OChem Genius company, Sanna Malick, & I contrived to develop the shop page by having her draw compounds that related to each study guide on a chalkboard, taking photos, and then editing them to create a streamlined, yet personalized look for the site.