If you’re currently shopping around for that web design firm that’s going to finally get your mail-in dog grooming service or Trump Organization chain wig store up and running I would love to tell you why you should consider Renegade Websites first. We’ve always prided ourselves on building beautiful, functional, easy to manage WordPress based websites then handing the reigns back to you, but there’s something else I’d like you to take note of as you’re browsing our incredibly diverse portfolio of satisfied customers: We’re artists. All of us. Some visual, some performance, some literary, but artists all. What this means for you as a prospective new client is this:

fotolia_980061.) We are students of aesthetic and social convention. We are well versed in popular culture and the zeitgeist of good design. We are taste makers. When you sign on with us you can rest assured you will be getting a crisp, clean, meticulously conceptualized piece of art.

2.) We are desperate. No, really. We want not only your business but your recognition so, so badly! We don’t feel like we’re doing our jobs right unless there’s someone there to applaud us! Did you know that most artists will work for nothing more than the knowledge that someone will actually pay attention to them for 5 minutes?! Validate us! Validate our choices, PLEASE!

Bearded man himself paints with a brush on whiteSo as you browse please remember that when you sign on with Renegade Websites you’re not just hiring a group of talented professionals who will make your ideas come alive and give them right back to you, you’re also hiring a bunch of neurotic prima donnas so starved for acceptance that you could probably manipulate us in to doing just about any crazy thing you want for pennies on the dollar.

Renegade Websites: Our Artistic Temperament Is Yours To Exploit